Do CNS's have schedule flexibility?

  1. Hello all. I've been reading the posts for a few weeks now and am excited to join in!
    I have just started my first of my Nursing School prereq's - Physiology. I am fascinated by what I'm learning and I am really enjoying it. I got my B.A. 16 years ago and am now considering my current choice of routes into Nursing to start in Fall of 2003. I can apply for a Master's nursing entry program this September which results in a CNS title in Cardiovascular after 3 years...or apply to a 2 year R.N. program...I'll probably try for both and see where I get accepted.
    My "newbie" question is this, as a CNS will I have flexibility in my schedule, as I would let's say as a Cardiovascular, ICU nurse or O.R. nurse? I don't think that I am interested in working the over 40 hour a week grind any longer. After Nursing school I would like to have children and want the opportunity to cut back my days if need be while they are young.
    Thank you in advance for any thoughts or advice.
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