Discrimination Issue

  1. I start a LPN to RN transitonal progran at my local community college which has 3 campuses. The one I planned to attend is about 5 minutes from my house that includes time to a parking space, anywany my problem is that most of the people I know are going to another campuse this is about 20 minutes drive even though we all live closer to the campus by my house the reason being is that a few years back the campus by my house was accused of discriminating aganist certain students the NAACP got involved and the EEOC was also involved and all my fellow classmates are trying to avoid anything to do with the professors that were involved in the case. My question is do you think I should go to the campus that is further from my home also to try and avoid this probelm or should I take my chances. I don't think that those same professors would try anything so insane again, please help me out with this dilemma.

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  3. by   seven
    So, basically, you are looking for someone to tell you it's ok to do something you obviously feel is not right?

    Well, damn, lol......that isn't going to be me. I am all in favour of going with the moral stand over racial discrimination over parking convience.