1. I'm in my first semester and I am struggling in pharmacology and I'm so depressed. I have never had anxiety before but I think I'm experiencing it now. The end of the semester is here and I'm so sad. I feel like a failure. I got an 85 on my first exam and I bombed my second exam and now I'm afraid of the final. Does anyone have any strategies I could use to study for pharm? I really could use the help. Thanks.
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  3. by   twozer0
    What are you particularly having trouble on in pharm? I know there is a lot to digest but there are easier ways to understand drugs. I think a lot of the problem with pharm classes is they are taught by masters nurses with no background in prescribing nor do they use them daily. So what classes of drugs are you having trouble with?
  4. by   mountainclimber
    I encourage you to seek counseling for coping with stress around school. The help a good counselor can provide can be life changing in terms of helping you learn to cope! Best wishes on your exam.