Current Grayson county nursing students?

  1. I am going to Grayson in the Fall. I am not able to get any info about the program until August 7th. I was wondering if anyone could give me a general schedule.....I understand it might not be the same this year but I need to start lining up childcare. I just want to know if you were out by 4pm everyday or does it vary. Is there any trick to getting the 12hr clinical or a hospital near you. Also I signed up for classes but don't know what that far as if I signed up for the 1pm class opposed to the 7am. Does that mean anything or will we all be going from 7am to 3pm.

    Any info would be helpful!!!

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  3. by   shariceh
    Good for you! I applied for Grayson in Van Alstyne for the LVN. We won't know until June 30th.