culture and spirituality research topics

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Looking for some ideas on a topic for culture and spirituality. Would like to be able to find a lot of books etc..on the topic.

    Thanks for your replies.

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  3. by   athena55
    Hello Laurie!
    Well, from one fledgling anthropologist (I kind of dropped out of a anthro doctorate course and focused on getting my masters in nursing -- gotta pay the bills, right? Smile) to another here are some websites that might be of help to you. Do you have any specific aggregate that you are leaning towards?
    Let me know if I can be of any other/more specific help to you. Gosh, I really enjoy cultural anthropology. I like attempting to understand what drives and motivates people.
    Good Luck!
  4. by   cclife06

    Thanks for the websites....have some great stuff.

    Take Care.