Contacting professor about research/interning opportunities

  1. Hi,

    So heres some background... My brother is in the stem cell research field, and thats how he got into grad school is by having great letters of recommendations.

    Now I am interested in making more contacts in the nursing field by volunteering/interning with a nursing professor. Even though i don't know her, is it out of the blue to contact her? Nursing is in a different field than biology/chem undergraduates because nurses work in the hospital. But I have not take advance med-surg I can't intern at a hospital.

    Should I just email her and explain that I am a nursing student and interested in your field, etc.?

    Thank you in advance,
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  3. by   Esme12
    Yeah....funny thing though, nursing really doesn't do this. I'll be interested if anyone has any ideas.
  4. by   malestunurse
    Well because we are already doing clinical placements it's integrated into our courses already isn't it?