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Hi ! I have been considering a career in nursing but I have become a little scared! For quite a few reasons, one that I won't be any good and two my biggest reason (which seems to be making me... Read More

  1. by   medell
    I just can't seem to thank everyone enough!!!
    To think I felt really foolish posting my original message to begin with!
    The support and things shared have been overwhelming and wonderful, I am so thankful I tried this before I gave up,or just simply
    chickened out... You all have helped make my choice, I'm going to register and keep trying until I'm in there. My husband thought this was a great idea, all he could say to help was to "follow my heart", but because I was scared I chose to explore other options knowing all along where my heart was! I don't mean to get sappy with all these thanks and personal notes, this has just been very inspiring! I hope noone has minded.
  2. by   infirmiere
    Meddell, I have been nursing since I started as a volunteer 'candy striper' back in '74-'75 and of course, as the others have confirmed, your fears are perfectly normal. In fact the concern you demonstrate in commencing a career which has so many real responsibilities for the care of others tied to it demonstrates in itself that you are very much on the right track and made of the 'right stuff' to start out. Nursing does have a lot of gross stuff to deal with, for me it was always (and still is) the vomit and cleaning peoples dentures. It was never the needles or blood and guts. It is different stuff for everyone and you will need to maintain a good sense of humour to get through but it is well worth the effort if you know you will want to continue to contribute to the profession and to become assertive enough to not only get past your own fears but also past the alot of the poor perceptions and negativity thrust upon nursing as a career and be willing to be part of the change. Good luck. I feel better already knowing more like yourself are coming into the profession and I am sure others on the thread feel the same and will look forward to working with you in the future. I teach nursing students at uni now in addition to doing agency and casual pool work in Australia and I am so excited for my students that have just graduated. Many of them are actually going overseas to work, in London, US and Canada. I also have students here from Canada who are upgrading to their BN and have been working here in Australia and are loving it so much. Alas travelling overseas contributes to the nursing shortages in our own countries, but think of it, there are not many other professions that offer such a wide range of specialities, advancements up the career ladder, depth and breadth of experiences - technologically, emotionally, creatively, intellectually, and culturally as well as chance to travel around the world, given working out a few kinks and red tape here and there. All the best once again!!!! "Nurses, we can't live without them!" (NSW Nurses Association bumper sticker).