confused help~

  1. how hard is it to get accpeted to suny stony brook university nursing school?
    i heard only 32 out of 300s get accepted... is that true?
    does anyone in here goes to sb for nursing?
    arkkkkkk i have to take summer classes to finish the requirements for upper-division nursing (junior&senior year) program.
    should i take it or is it waste of time?
    i need to graduate in 4 years............... maybe i should major in somethin else like psychology.
    i have 3 more yrs w/o going to summer school to meet the requirements to graduate w/ BS degree
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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    Is Nursing what you WANT to do?? Or are you just needing to do something.. Because if you want to be a nurse then apply, but if you are just trying to find a major, nursing may not be your smartest take. Nursing programs are alot different than Psych programs, education programs etc... I think it takes 110% dedication and heart..

    Good Luck on your choice