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  1. Hi MsPurp!
    I remember back to my first placement!!
    It was a Psychogeriatric Nursing Home about 40minutes drive from home. There was a group of 11 Student Div2 (LPN)Nurses, and yes we were all nervous. We had finally been given a chance to put all our theory into practice, but one thing we were not prepared for was handeling nakedness, somehow I don't think that would be an acceptable theoretical sight within the classroom Anyways, if you are going out there with a really good clinical teacher, just remember, they are like your second mom. See her/him about any concerns you may have, that is what they are there for. If you do not have a clinical teacher then make sure you find an RN that you feel that you can trust on your 1st day, and ask her if you could go to her for any concerns you may have. Most nurses are only too willing to help, afterall, most nurses actually appreciate the extra set of hands (they are overworked afterall).

    We all try to imagine what to expect on our first day of clinicals, and absolutely nobody can prepare you, as a student nurse, for what you are about to experience. Going in, you realise that you actually have peoples lives in your hands, during clinicals make sure that you learn as much as you can, practical experience sticks in your mind alot better than the theory, volunteer to do anything within your capabilities, ask what proceedures need to be done and do them if you are able too.
    Above all you will notice that at the end of you clinical experience, you will feel slightly euphoric This is totally normal, do not ever forget that feeling or what you have learnt. One other bit of advise, do not tell the RN's how you were taught to do things unless they ask for the information. Some RN's feel a little threatened by the more learned student.
    Good Luck and have fun on your clinicals!

    Trish... Student Division 2 Nurse (LPN!!!!)
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  3. by   delirium
    Thank you so much for your input... I REALLY appreciate it. I am sooo jittery. I have been considering taking the test to become a CNA (nursing assistant, or techs as they call them in my hospital) after my introductory 6 week course just for the extra experience I'll be able to get... in my program we have 12 hours of clinical per week, and I've heard people who graduate say they don't feel entirely comfortable with their skills. At least as a tech I'd have the opportunity to practice blood drawing, ekgs, vital signs, catheter placement, and that sort of thing.
    I suppose one will never be truly comfortable as a new grad anyway... I've heard that it takes at least a year to really gain your footing and be comfortable and confident in your skill as a nurse.
    I'm so excited!!
    Are you still in school?
    Thanks again for your thoughts.
    Take care,
  4. by   delirium
    Hi everyone:
    I am an RN student in an ADN program, about to start the nursing portion of my curriculum and I'm really nervous about clinicals. Does anyone have any words of wisdom about how to prepare for clinicals, what to expect, how to get along well with your nurses?
    If anyone could share clinical experiences, that would help with my mental health A LOT.
    Thanks in advance,