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  1. Hello, my name is Amélie, I'm a 4th year nursing student at Ottawa U. I would need help for a school project that is based on nursing care worldwide. I have a short questionnaire that I would like anyone who has a chance to answer. This is my first message on this board and I'm kind of behind in technology so please let me know if I'm doing this right!?

    Here it is...

    1. What country do you presently work in?
    2. Are there different levels of nurses in your country?
    3. What are the general salary rates in your country?
    4. What are your working conditions (quality of equipment, patient load, average work week (hrs0, hospital setting, no. of beds per room...)?
    5. How are nurses viewed and respected?
    6. What is the ratio male/female nurses?
    7. Describe a typical work day and/or a memorable experience that you wish to share.
    8. How many years of school (college or university)does it take to get your nursing degree?
    9. What is the average age of nurses?
    10. What is the importance of health promotion in your country?
    11. What are some of the most frequent health problems in your country?

    Thank you!!!
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