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hello, i am a nursing student that has been elected class president for the sna. my problem is: too many people are making a big deal, like calling me madam president, and making comments to the... Read More

  1. by   CuriousMe
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    Curiousme....could tell me a little more about the buddy program you set up at your school? I was trying to get something like that set up at our school as well...
    It's pretty simple. We automatically enroll all first year students and ask for volunteers from the upperclassmen. Once we have enough upperclassmen, we just match folks up. We do tell upperclassmen that if they know a 1st year student they would like to buddy with, let us know and we'll organize it.

    We then e-mail out the lists of buddy pairs and through a "Buddy Social" with snacks and beverages, so folks can meet each other and all three classes can hang out together (a rare thing).

    Upperclassmen answer questions, as well as provide support & encouragement. Each buddy pair works out how they want to communicate and how often (some are just e-mail, some get together for coffee once a week....and everything in between).