class fund raisers

  1. Does anyone have any ideas for fundraising events? Our class needs to raise money for our graduaation ceremony. I would appreciate some ideas...
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  3. by   Lynn_RN
    Hi Kateann,
    I have some ideas for you. Your class can have a bake sale, sell raffle tickets for gift certificates, make gift baskets with items in them donated from classmates and businesses and raffle them off, screenprint t-shirts or sweatshirts with nursing logos, and take orders for them from underclassmen... These are a few things our nursing class did to raise money for our pinning ceremony. We not only paid for the ceremony, but had money left which we divided among the class. Good Luck!
  4. by   hollykate
    Hi Kateann,
    the best thing we sold was a clipboard with all your basic nursing stuff on it: drug calcs, drip rates,normal vitals, conversion tables, etc. We got them from a company, but I don't know which one. We all bought one, and the nurses we worked with either in clinical or at job jobs all bought one as well. We also did stethoscope coats and things like that, but the clip boards were by far the most popular. Good Luck.