City College Of Chicago Students

  1. Just Wondering If Anyone On Here Attends Any Of The City Colleges Of Chicago. Just Wanted To See What Version Of The Hesi Test You Had On Monday. Also Wondering If The Review We Had Last Week Helped You With The Exam. Thanks
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  3. by   destined2bCRNA
    Although I don't attend CCC, I am in Chicago. You may want to try asking your question on the State Forum, Illinois board too. Hope this helps you get an answer
  4. by   Sabira
    Hi, I am a CCC student. Although I did pick up a few things at the review, I believe I would have accomplished way more studying on my own. As you know, the room was so uncomfortable which didn't help.

    I took the HESI on Monday at Wright College. What do you mean which version? Didn't we all take the same exam?

    How did you do?