CHI St. Luke's Houston Student Nurse Externship 2017

  1. Hi!

    I was wondering if anyone else got accepted into CHI St. Luke's Student Nurse Externship for Summer 2017. If so, did you receive email confirmation from HR about receiving your immunization documents? I also am wary of sending the I9 documents via email, so did anyone drop them off in person? Hope to see y'all at orientation! Thank you!
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  3. by   rcallender
    Hi!! I am doing the summer externship at St. Lukes this summer too! Have you received any other info other than background checks and drug screening?
  4. by   watsonse1
    Just the on boarding, background recheck, and the Quest stuff! I emailed HR awhile back to make sure they had gotten all my immunization records and my Quest lab stuff, but no answer. They did say that an email about orientation was going to be sent out early this week, but I haven't gotten anything!
  5. by   rcallender
    That is the same for me. I emailed about getting more info and still haven't received and email back yet.
  6. by   mtd015
    Hi! I am considering applying for the 2018 St. Luke's externship this summer and am wondering what your experiences were like? Was it somewhat like clinical or were you given a more independent role? Also, was the position paid or were you working for experience only?

    Thanks so much in advance
  7. by   tyftyf
    I've been trying to apply. How do I go about applying? Is it in the job search section? Someone please help. Tried calling hr no answer
  8. by   Mystique8
    Did you ever get any details on your own? I just found this externship and will applying? I'm from Austin but I got to school in San Angelo and I'm trying to get as much info as possible
  9. by   Haderele
    Hi, for those that got the st Luke's nursing externship in Houston, how long did it take to get an email from them after the interview? And how was your experience like?