Chat with Nurses online clean fun chat room!

  1. Anyone interested in chatting on line we love to hear from you!
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  3. by   cajnet
    try in evening time is best...
    we are trying to get all nurses in #nurses but if no one is there then try another room..
    we have several rooms that welcome nurses including #streetcops, #kops, #firezone,#firemanspalace
    OR type /list and see the list of rooms available.
    I am usually always in #streetcops come see me there or type this to get my attention /msg caj are u here?
    I will answer if I am online

  4. by   saphie
    I have tried on numerous occassions to try this chat room and no one is ever home!! Any suggestions for when would be a good time?
  5. by   CrammyCute11
    hi sapphie! i wana try that chat too!
  6. by   Michaelxy
    Quote from CrammyCute11
    hi sapphie! i wana try that chat too!
    You may want to note that the last post was in 2000.
  7. by   9livesRN
    this post is about 10 years old guys
  8. by   Justanotherday
    Holy thread resurrections, Batman!