Chaminade Nursing Program 2017

  1. Anyone attending Chaminade University of Honolulu in Fall 2017 and thinking about dorming or has dormed in the past, please some details anything is good.

    I got accepted and will be attending in Fall 2017
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  3. by   hopeful96
    Hi! Just wondering but what were your grades for ALG 2/COLL ALG, CHEM & BIO? Also what kind of people did you ask to write your letters of rec? I'm sending my app soon
  4. by   Skeptrix
    Aloha, in regards to grades, it's been many years since I've been out of high school, as I am a transfer student that got into the nursing program. However, I can tell you my two references were from 1) my phlebotomy instructor and 2) a former instructor in a non-medical/science class. So I believe it was the content of the letters that really helped! Good luck