CC/ER/Trauma Books and Resource Recommendations

  1. Hey all! So, I am EXTREMELY interested in emergency nursing and critical care and trauma specialties in nursing and just medicine in general and I was just want to see if there is anyone out there with any book/websites or any other resources that I could use to brush up on these areas while I'm in school. Right now I am currently one 6 week course and 2 semesters away from being able to sit for my boards and I know I need to focus on that stuff more but learning and reading about the fun stuff seems to help keep my head in the game.

    So, anyone have some suggestions?:spin: (I love visuals and learn best visually if that helps any)
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    someone else on here posted a link to this website. i thought it was very informative & presented well...

    notes on icu nursing
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    ENW: Emergency Nursing World ! is another website AN members always recommend.