care plans!!

  1. can i please have some words of encouragement..just a few..we have a full care plan due next week..thing is i ca'nt start it till wednesday night when we get the pt. assignment...cp is due thursday morn. help! tell me it's not as hard as it looks!!!
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  3. by   hollykate
    Hi there,
    Do you have a care plan book? Or a nurisng Diagnosis book? This should help you to fill out the plan pretty quickly. You can also go to this web site:

    It is the preprinted care plans for my hospital go under pt care statements and standards of care....I owuld not recommend copying this stuff directly, but it can serve as a guide. Good Luck.
  4. by   ShannonB25
    I know exactly how you feel. It can seem so overwhelming at first. A year ago I was exactly where you are. The advice you've gotten so far has been great. What I did that basically got me started was to look at a book called "Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual". It's great, and all you have to do is look up the patient's illness in the back of the book and then you are referenced to several diagnosis that can apply. Then as you look at each one you will see goals for the patient, appropriate interventions, and rationale. In the meantime, if you don't have a book like this then do take advantage of any that might be listed in your books for class. For example, when you go to look up the pathophysiology for a particular illness, there is usually a list of a few nursing diagnoses that generally apply. I hope all of this makes sense. I remember feeling like I was just being thrown in there and it was sink or swim. I don't know how your instructors are but mine used a LOT of ink the first semester in corrections and suggestions, particularly for implementations. When you're sitting there racking your brain for implementations, just remember to add all the common sense ones. If you need any help specific to your patient, feel free to drop me an email at I'm a senior nursing student, and believe me- it does get easier!!

    Best of luck to you,
  5. by   ceworden
    Hope this might help out also....
    go to, click on the links, then on care plans, and go from there. This is another source for help with creating care plans.
    Good Luck...we all know the "horror" of creating care plans.

  6. by   angelaADSN
    Last semester we had lab from 4 to 7 on monday night and had to have our careplan ready by 8 tuesday morning. I remember staying up till almost 3 in the morning some nights but I eventually got the hang of it. I am now in my sophmore level and they are now becomming easier especially since we don't have to have a rationale for everything we do now. Have you purchased a careplan book? I have a web page that have sights for careplans listed. You might want to check them out, they were ALOT of help for me! Good luck!
  7. by   LJoyW_27
    Thanks!! I ended up doing my care plan and i was the only one in my clinical to pass it. Thanks for the advice! now..if i could just get these med cards done....