Care Plan Book

  1. Which care plan book do you use for a reference?

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  3. by   hoppermom3
    I have the Pocket Guide, Ackleys, and an older one. I am always looking for more, though.
  4. by   kathy_79
    Doenges " nursing care plan. guidelines for individualizing patient care. " 6th edition.
  5. by   manna
    I'm a big fan of Sparks & Taylor "Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual"
    It wasn't on my required book list for last semester, but I bought it anyway! It's a lifesaver!
  6. by   JenNJFLCA
    All-in-one Care Plans. I can't remember who wrote it, but I always see it in Barnes & Noble. It includes care plans for Peds!
  7. by   studentNY
    ALL-IN-ONE care planning resource is by Swearingen. It is a tremendous help.
  8. by   shyne
    We use Ackley.