Can Someone please give me advice :(

  1. Recently I decided to become a nurse but now I have grades that I feel...are no good to even apply to a nursing school with. I am depressed because I was looking forward to enter nursing school. With colleges raising the requirements on top of taking less and less students...I don't know who to turn to for advice. I will appriciate any help whatsoever...
    Please kindly assist me.. with your help I might be able to find a way.
    Thanks ppl.

    My grades are
    micro: C
    Physio: B
    Anatomy: C
    Eng: B
    all psy: B
    hs: 3.0

    I have a feeling these are usless to apply with.

    I also have a psych aa degree.

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  3. by   raekaylvn
    It is true that you need good grades these days... have you checked into the schools you're interested in? Maybe you can set up an appointment with a guidance couselor and see what they suggest. You can always retake some of those classes to boost your grades and GPA. But dont give up! If you're deterine enough, nursing will happen for you.