Can I Write/Submit NCLEX in two states?!?

  1. Hi All, i just need some knowledgeable advise here. With a year left in school for my RN in Florida, i found out my husband will be relocating to Georgia in 5 months. The initial plan was for my to finish school here and then move up there upon graduation. I am now coming to the realization that it is in a different state....duh me! My prof advised me to write NCLEX in florida due to Georgia's "weird" board rules and regulations and then file for reciprocity. In googling this i discovered that Georgia does not participate in reciprocity and that i would have to work 500 hours in order to even APPLY for my RN license in Georgia!! So after all that, finally here is my question: Does anyone know if i can write the NCLEX in two states and apply for both? OR can i write NCLEX and submit results to both states?! I'm so confused, i just want to finish school and get on with my married life! Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    You can I believe only sit NCLEX for one state. If Georgia is your end destination probably better to apply there for application by exam

    NCLEX is a national exam however when changing from one state to another you have to meet requirements for endorsement
  4. by   hiddencatRN
    2nd Silverdragon102: We were told when preparing for the licensure paperwork that we could only apply for initial licensure in ONE state, but once we have that one license can apply for reciprocity in as many states as we want.

    How bad are Georgia's application requirements? Will you be living close to a bordering state you could try to commute to?
  5. by   turnforthenurse
    you can only apply to one state when taking the NCLEX. You can change it; however, there will be a $50 fee. Changes can be made through customer service (

    depending on GA's requirements, I would just sit for the NCLEX in that state. I've found that endorsing your license to other states can also be more expensive, but that's something else you would want to look into. The NCLEX is national, meaning it is the same in all states, but the state requirements for licensure differ.
  6. by   solneeshka
    Listen and listen good! I have done this already so I can give you the one, true, reliable answer! First of all, you can sit for the NCLEX in any physical location that you want to. You can even take it in certain foreign countries. Where you are geographically located when you go in on that special morning and take that test has no relationship whatsoever to where you get your license. So you will take your exam in whichever state you are living in when you are good and ready to take the test. (I went to nursing school in Texas and graduated in Texas, then moved to Missouri and took the NCLEX a month later in Missouri.) Hopefully that right there will be a load off your mind. You won't need to do any traveling to take the test, just take it wherever you are when you're ready to take it.

    Now about the license. Everyone is correct that you can only apply to one state's board at a time. Cease and desist all thoughts of trying to handle this through reciprocity! That's meant for people who's situations are different from yours, e.g., live on a state border and need to be available to work in both states, or will be moving temporarily to another state. In your case, just register to have your NCLEX results sent to the board of whichever state you're going to be working in when you graduate (Georgia, if I read your posting correctly). Done!

    To summarize: I believe your situation is that you are going to stay in Florida to finish nursing school, and after graduation you will join your husband in Georgia. So while you are still in Florida, you will want to register to take the NCLEX, but on that registration, you are going to mark the box next to "Georgia" when they ask you where you want your results sent. (Keep in mind that registering to take the NCLEX is a separate step from *scheduling* your actual time to sit for the NCLEX -- at this point, you are only registering to take the exam, not scheduling an exam date.) Graduate in Florida, move to Georgia, take a few weeks to catch your breath, then schedule your actual exam at your nearest Georgia testing center. Easy peasy! Don't forget to start looking for Georgia work when you start your last semester in Florida (you can do it!). Call HR departments of facilities near where your husband will be living, tell them you are graduating in May (or whenever) and moving to Georgia, and you're interested in finding out what kind of program they have for GNs. That's a great, non-threatening way to start a conversation with someone in HR and build a rapport. If you do it well, by the end of the conversation they'll be saying, "Hey Pam, now I know that our ortho floor is going to be hiring people. Keep in touch with me and I'll let you know when those jobs are posted." Keep in frequent (but not too frequent) contact (maybe every 3 weeks). That way, when you apply you are not an anonymous person from another state; you're that go-getter who's moving from Florida after graduation (it's a connection!). Let HR people know that you will be in Georgia over spring break (or whenever) to interview. This is the technique I used and I had 6 interviews lined up for spring break in a very crappy economy.

    Good luck! Georgia has a lot to offer.
  7. by   ahain0013
    I am also going to GA after graduation, going through nursing school in Kansas. I have been involved in several phone conversations with the Georgia state board of nursing (not too helpful). I have heard that they move rather slow, so everyone I talk to says "sit" in GA to take the NCLEX-it will help move things along faster. Also, keep in mind, fingerprinting may need to be done in GA as well. I've been on and off the phone for that one, so if you find anything out definitively, please let me know!! I have also been getting in contact with HRs in the area that we are moving (Athens) and they also seem to be gradually getting ready for the May graduates. I wish you luck with your move, and hopefully we'll both have this behind us soon, and able to enjoy the wonderful Georgia air!
  8. by   RLuiii
    Hi.. Im also having same problem as yours.. but my situation is really buggled up.. I applied for NCLEX here in california.. but unfortunately i need to retake my psychiatric theory and clinical.. so i searched for schools in which i can re take the said course.. but then it will take me time to finish it.. so my second plan is to.. apply in a different state.. and just endorse it.. can I make that while my application here in california is on going.. and i Ill apply to a different state.. is there any possibility that Ill have my eligibility to take the exam without having any problem as what happened applying here in california.. HELP
  9. by   summerandrea
    hi,i have already registered to take the nclex exam at pearson vue but it has been months already and i still havent got my att,i am applying to be registered at illinois,is it possible for me to change the state in which i want to be registered like new mexico or even other states? even though i already applied to be registered at illinois because its taking too long.