1. I'm deciding whether to sell my TI86, which I needed for my College Algebra class a couple of semesters ago. Do you use calculators in the nursing program and if so, what kind do you use? Are they complex, as the TI86, or are they just basic calculators? Please advise because I paid about $120 for this calculator and I'm sure that I could sell it to someone who needs it (at a reduced price, of course). Thanks!
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  3. by   janine3&5
    You definitely need a calculator for the nursing program to carry in your pocket to clinicals and also for drug dosage exams. I use a little cheap one- it only needs to do basic math and be small enough to fit in your pocket. In school, we were allowed to use calculators for exams, but forbidden to use anything high tech (I guess so we couldn't store formulas, etc in the memory) Mine cost about five bucks, and does everything I need.
  4. by   KRVRN
    You won't need a calculator that has as many complex functions as the TI86, but you'll certainly need a calculator of some sort. There's always a drug calculation or something that you need to do. I have never needed my calculator to do anything other than basic math. Of course a TI86 is too big to lug around in your pocket, but I guess you can still use it at home.

    Haha but it's true what Janine3&5 said about the $5 calculator. I carry around a $4 calculator from Wal-Mart at work.