BSN verses ADN/DIPLOMA Nursing

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am doing my pre reqs and hope to get into the ADN program come Fall of 2001...My question is when I get my associates degree in nursing, should I go on to get my BSN? Also, a question to the nurses out there, do you think a BSN degree will be required in the near future? I am an older returning student of 42 and doing this schooling on a part time basis, when it is all said and done I will be 46, should I then go on? Please help me with this because I hear and read different things. An ADN nurse-what are her/his limits as to a BSN nurse?
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  3. by   KarenH
    Hi there. I am also 42 and will be entering the program in the fall of 2001. I plan on continuing to get me BSN only because I am afraid that if I put it off it will be even more difficult than it is now to get the degree. Good luck to you
  4. by   ltm
    just some info for you. basically bsn and adn nurses have the same scope of practice. the only difference is that without getting a bsn, you cannot go on to get a masters degree in nursing. it is rumored in the near future that there is only going to be one way to be an rn and that is the bsn track. but just think, the ana has said that bsn should be the entry level to nursing since 1965 and nothing has changed yet. i am a bsn student with 4 weeks until graduation and i am happy that i did not get an adn first, because it would have wasted my time. both programs are the same in length. bsn students get two years of prerequisites and then do two years of nursing school, just like adn students. i have heard that adn students have more technical skills once they graduate, but research has shown that as far as skills, both adn and bsn graduates perform the same after 6 months on the job. really its about how much time you have. good luck in your program.
  5. by   Nancy1
    Hi Peggy8,
    I have to agree with some of the other postings. I was 40 when I entered nursing school. I had a long wait list for the ADN program. I had 80 credits from when I was young. I decided to do the BSN because I would probably not go back and go on to school.
    I know I just posted something on another part of this board about going for the degree that you feel will get you to where you want to go. My current DON is a Diploma grad with a certificate for Nursing Home Administration. She is doing what she likes with her degree. However, in the future things will change. In WI we have no more Diploma programs. We have ADN and above. One thing to consider is do you think you might want to do some administration type work? In the future I am sure hat will be minimum BSN. I have had PhDs tell me it may soon be MSN.
    It is great that there are so many options out there. I do not know what your whole situation is, but remember, if you go for your ADN, you can work as a RN while you complete the program.
    Hope this helps. NA