1. Hi Everyone! I need some help with a little decision I am trying to make. I already have a bachelors degree in social work, but I have decided that I want to be an RN. Sooo, should I just go for my associates or bachelors? Thank you to any one with any advice
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  3. by   fulwood
    Ask yourself the following questions...

    1. Do you want to a) do bedside nursing or b) be in management?
    Answer a go for your associate's degree. Answer b then go for your bachelors.

    Another thing that perhaps might determine what you do is to see how many classes you would have to take towards an associate's and likewise for the bachelor's. If it's about same number of classes I would recommend going for your bachelor's degree. You can still go many places though and do many things in Nursing with an Associate's as well. Hope this helps.

    You may want to look at "old" nursing discussions on this topic as it has been discussed numerous times and great advice has been given by those more experienced than myself.
  4. by   NurseStudentFall01
    I had the same dilemma. After being a stay at home mom and living off one income for a couple years before starting school, my husband and I are tired of barely scraping by. I'm going for an ASN, taking extra courses throughout (going to summer sessions, etc.) that will count towards my BSN. When I graduate, I'll start working and continue to go to school part time until I finish my BSN. Shouldn't take too much longer since I've been working at it all along. Make sense?

    All my classes have several ASN RNs who are returning to work on their BSNs. Good luck in your decision, I'm sure you'll make the right one for you!
  5. by   MandM
    Why not work as an RN first then go for BSN. My plan is to work and go to school part-time for my BSN, that way (hopefully) I will be able to pay for school without taking on more LOANS (yuk).
    Anyways, Good Luck!
  6. by   MollyJ
    Poster that said this has been well discussed is correct and you might certainly want to look at what has been written. I am always for the BSN because it gives you better mobility options over time but I am assuming that you have the option of either program type. Also there are some other programs out there that are designed for second career individuals and they are designed to grant the BSN and sometimes even the MSN. Go to and look that site over. It is the National League for Nursing web site, the acreditor of nursing programs. They have a publication they sell that lists ALL acredited programs. They also have a program locator on the web site. I have a friend who got a BSN after having gotten a BA in Human Biology and ANthropology and her motto was "After you have one degree, additional ones are much easier." With the SW degree, you have quite a few prereq's done. The adn claims an advantage because you can complete ALL requirements in 2 years. In actual practice MANY but not all students end up doing pre-req's before they start core nursing content. Times for the two programs could only be a little different depending on what you end up doing. I also don't think that the BSN is only for management. I will never be a manager. It also helps you walk toward advance practice roles, including education, np, cns etc much more readily. With your sw background, you'd be a natural for nursing case management. GENERALLy but not always, CM's are BSN prepared.

    Good luck in the decision process.
  7. by   essarge
    I checked out both ADN and BSN programs before I started and this is what I found:

    ADN-1 school year pre-req's 2years 3 years.

    BSN-1 semester prereq's (doing this summer) 3 years 3 years 2 months.

    Figured I'd go for my BSN, gives me more options when I graduate!