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  1. i had graduated with a bsn degree a couple of years ago...due to some events that had happened, i was not able to work with my chosen field and had pushed aside the that i'm trying to get back in the action, i found out that it's very hard to find a job for someone not licensed ...any suggestions???
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    about the only thing i can tell you is, TAKE THE TEST. Without a license, you have a Bachelors degree. Not much more. You can work in any line of work that only needs a college degree. You could also be a CNA, but that would be depressing after spending 4 years in college. How about taking an NCLEX review course to get your mind working in nursing again, and then just take the test? I know its rough and depressing, but right now you probably can not do anything (legally) nursing related that requires skill about a CNA.