Books You Are Using For Your 1st semester of CLINICAL

  1. Hello,

    This is my first semester of Clinicals my book list are the following:

    Medical -Surg Nursing (2 Vol Set) (W/Cd) by Ignatavicius

    Davis' Comprehensive Hdbk Lab & Dia Test by Vanleeuwem

    Fund of Nursing w/cd & access code pkg by Kozier

    Mosby's Guide To Nursing Diagnosis by Ladwig

    Prentice Hall Nurse's Drug Guide 2008 w/cd by Wilson

    Good Luck To Everyone This Semester
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  3. by   RNMeg
    Last semester was my first..I used:
    Smith Duell & Martin Clinical Nursing Skills
    Potter/Perry Fundamentals of Nursing
    Gulanick/Meyers Nursing Care Plans
    Jarvis Physical Examination & Health Assessment
    Huether & McCance Pathophysiology
    We also had to get a medical dictionary, NANDA book, medical terminology course book, and a style manual for research papers
  4. by   Jilaweez
    I used the Kozier fundamentals book, I really liked it. I also used the Jarvis Health assessment book and really liked that one too. I used the Huether/McCane pathophys book and wasn't too crazy about it. I do like the Mosby's diagnosis book as well. Now I just have to decide if I want to keep them now that the semster is over. Good luck in you upcoming semester!