BIG HELP!!!!nutrition, elimination and rest and slleep

  1. guys i need help, next week im going to have a special presentaion about the late adulthood's nutrition, elimination and rest and sleep.. i need to find some good resources other than the books that i have.. (kozier and taylor).. my proffesor said she'd like me to give her lots' of nursing considerations and the factors that affect this 3 topics..i would'nt be able to go to the next level if i failed this presentaion....pls.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    this is the website of the university of iowa geriatric education center. there is all kinds of information at this website. you only have to explore the various links. i am sure you will find plenty of information for your presentation. i found wonderful assessment tools to use to evaluate confusion in the elderly at this site some months ago.