Best Place to Buy Used Books?

  1. I need to buy books for some classes I'm taking this summer - A & P and Dev. Psych - I'm hoping I can get them online cheap somewhere. Any tips? Thanks!
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  3. by   WendyS123
    My husband is getting most of his medical school books REAL cheap from

    They sell the new ones at cost, but individuals have theirs listed used, much cheaper!

    good luck
  4. by   wsiab

    you can search for you text books by ISDN or name/author etc. The site searches most book websites and finds you who has it cheapest after shipping and everything. it breaks down used and new, shipping, etc and shows you the search results. I found it very useful. ( I bought most of my textbooks from, and, we didn't have a school bookstore).
  5. by   NurseStudentFall01
    I can't thank you enough for recommending! I was able to find 3 of the 4 books I need for this summer. Best of all, I saved about $96 bucks over the used book prices at my bookstore! The only problem is that some of the sellers only ship media rate and my classes start Monday. YIKES! I guess I'll cross my fingers and hope I get them soon.

    I also checked out that and it's great! And fast too! Thanks so much for the great tips!!!