Best books for Pharm/Med Surg?

  1. I start my 2nd quarter tomorrow, and i'm really freaking out about pharmacology and Med-surg (my 2 classes this quarter) I've seen the syllabus and i'm already freaking out....

    so i wanted to see what the best EXTRA books are to buy for both classes...anything is helpful!

    I've already downloaded all the flashcards from the Pharm thread on here...but wanted to get whatever i can to better my chances of understand the material and passing the courses!

    thanks ahead of time!!!
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  3. by   Isabellah
    I have found the Made Incredibly Easy series to be very helpful. I am lucky that our college library has many of the books available to checkout. I highly recommend the Dosage Calculation Made Incredibly Easy. I also have to say the Mary Ann Hogan's Reviews and Rationale Series is great also. It makes arrows out from things deemed highly important to know. I hope this helps.
  4. by   jemmens
    get nclex review books for these classes and do the questions for each chap before your exam that will help. I use the Davis Success Series