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    I was wondering if anyone had to retake the 2016 ATI Comprehensive predictor. My school requires a 74% and of course I got a 71.7% on the first one. I was just curious how similar the retake is to the first. I have been going back over the questions I missed. Just wanting to know if the topics are the same just different questions or if it was completely different. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!
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  3. by   jess.mont
    I don't know, as I'm just starting out with ATI testing, but I would imagine that a good rule of thumb would be to really know the material. The questions will most likely be different, but on the same topics. Whenever I need to remediate for a test, I know that there are fundamental aspects of the material that I'm missing - even if I missed passing by one question, for example. Definitely use the materials that ATI provides because they will help you understand the larger concepts, rather than the individual questions. Unless it's some rando question about Romberg's test...which I had never heard of!