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  1. Hi everyone! So my school requires us to get a "92% chance of passing the NCLEX" on the comp predictor in order to graduate. Which I was told translates to about a 72-74% or so. I scored a 66%, and a 64% on the practice tests been remediating, and now I'm at about 78% for both. I was wondering how everyone else has done on the Comp predictor practice tests and then on the actual test? (I'm freaking out!) Thanks!
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  3. by   SamIam_RN
    Don't freak out! I also had to do ATI all throughout nursing school and did not like it. Honestly, I didn't really take it seriously (the stuff my school made me go through with ATI.. ridiculous, so they didn't really have a chance with me lol). As for the ATI comp predictor I sped through it, and ended up getting an 89%. I did end up passing NCLEX my first time with 75 q's but I did not give ATI and what they predicted a second thought. Saying this, I believe that if you study for NCLEX and understand what you're studying you will do well. I personally don't think you should let this predictor freak you out. Just study, take your time and read the questions. Only you are the predictor of how well you do lol. Good luck! P.S I've heard the ati book is a good study reference though.