ASN Curriculum

  1. I just want to post the curriculum for the ASN program I'm in and see how it stacks up with other programs out there.

    BSL 110 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4 hrs.
    BSL 111 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4 hrs.
    MAH 151 Applied Mathematics 3 hrs
    MA 109 College Algebra 3 hrs
    BSL 212 Elementary Medical Microbiology 4 hrs
    PY 110 Psychology 3 hrs
    PSY 100 Intro to Psychology 3 hrs
    PSY 223 Developmental Psychology 3 hrs
    ENG 101 Writing 3 hrs
    ENG 102 Writing II 3 hrs
    COM 252 Interpersonal Communications 3 hrs
    COM 181 Basic Public Speaking 3 hrs
    Computer Literacy 1 hr
    Any Heritage/Humanities Course 3 hrs
    Electives 1-3 hrs
    NSG 115 Nursing I 3 hrs
    NSG 225 Nursing II 3 hrs
    NSG 235 Nursing III 3 hrs
    NSG 245 Nursing IV 3 hrs
    NSG 255 Nursing V 3 hrs
    NSG 265 Nursing VI 3 hrs
    Total associate degree credits 72-75 hrs

    So, how does this program compare to others out there?

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  3. by   berry
    I am in the BSN program at the University of South Alabama this is are program
    pre reqs
    ENGLISH I and II
    General Psychology
    Life Span. Development
    2 course sequence in History
    2 Humanities
    Precalcus algebra
    A and P I and II
    Statistics = 61 credits (if I got them all)
    professional component
    Health Assessment
    Clinical Pharm.
    Admin of Meds.
    Foundations of Prof Nursing (w/ clinical)
    Psych/Mental healthnsg (w/ clinical)
    Research in heath professions
    Adult heath I (w/ clinical)
    Mat/Gyn nsg (w/ clinical)
    Diet Therapy
    child health (w/ clinical)
    Adult health II (w/ clinical)
    Nursing Issues and Leadership
    Aggerate Prof nsg care (200 hr practicum)
    Nsg care of Critically Ill (w/ clinical) = 68 hrs of professional component
    hope this is what you needed
  4. by   essarge
    I am also in a BSN program at Delaware State University and ours goes something like this:

    Semester one:

    English comp 1
    University Seminar (orientation for freshman)
    A&P 1
    Survey Math 1
    American History Civilization
    total 17 credits

    Semester 2

    English comp 2
    University seminar 2
    A&P 2
    Survey Math 2
    Intro to sociology
    17 credits

    Semester 3
    Growth & Development Across life span
    Chmistry for Health Sciences
    Intro to nursing Concepts
    Health assesment
    Foreign Language & culture (most take spanish)
    17 credits

    Semester 4
    intro to nursing practice
    pathophysiology & pharm
    clinical comp
    foreign language and culture
    18 credits

    Semester 5
    health promotion, maintenance and restoration 1
    Maternal newborn nsg
    intro mental health
    basic statistics
    17 credits

    Semester 6
    health promotion, maintenance & restoration 2
    nsg care of child & family
    nursing research
    global societies
    fitness and wellness (GYM YUK!)
    18 credits

    semester 7
    psy/mental health
    community helth nursing
    issues & trands in nsg
    world lit 1
    17 credits

    semester 8
    leadership in nursing
    health promotion, maintenance & resoration 3
    special topics in nsg/capston (externship)
    humanities elective
    world lit 2
    18 credits

    I am also minoring in psychology which involves 20 more credits!

    I will be finishing this program in 3 instead of 4 years because I can go in the summer for the non-nursing courses. In our school you have to take the nursing courses in specific order, if you fail you have to wait until fall of the next year to continue, so it is pretty intense!!

    Good luck to all the student nurses out there in cybernurse land!!
  5. by   blondemommy
    I will begin a ANA program in the fall of 2001 also. We have to take Clinical Calculations this summer. The schedule looks like this:

    Fall 2001
    Biol 155 Anatomy and Physiology I
    Soc 153 Into to Soc (will be taking this summer)
    HRO 150 Fundamentals of Nutrition
    NE 103 Intro to Nursing
    NE 104 Health Continuum I
    Total Credit Hrs. 18

    Spring 2001
    Biol 156 Amatomy and Physiology II
    English 101 (took earlier)
    NE 105 Health Continuum II (1/2 semester)
    NE 106 Health Continuum III (1/2 semester)
    NE 108 Interference w/Basic Human Needs I
    Total Credit Hrs. 18

    Fall 2002
    Eng 102
    Psyc 151 General Psychology
    NE 207 Interference w/Basic Human Needs II
    NE 209 Interference w/Basic Human Needs III
    Total Credit Hrs. 17

    Spring 2002
    NE 210 Interference w/Basic Human Needs IV
    NE 211 Interference w/Basic Human Needs V
    Elective 100 level (I took Art 101 previously)
    Elective 200 level (I will be taking a political science class to fullfill a requirement to Illinois Constitution because I graduated H.S. in TN. This class will count for my 200 elective)
    Total Credit Hrs. 17

    Total Program Hrs w/o prereqs. 70
    I hope this information is helpful. Our first semester we have 2 hours of lab and 4 hours a week of clinicals. The other semesters we are in clinicals and lab 12 hours a week. I am very curious about clinicals! I think it is wild that after a couple of weeks of simulated clinicals at school we will actually be at the hospital! That is kind'a scary for me!

    Good luck to ya!
  6. by   AppyHorseFan
    I am entering an ADN program in Texas in August 2001. Our prereqs include:
    • A&P I
      A&P II
      Gen. Psychology
      Human Growth & Development
      Composition and Rhetoric (English I)
      Humanities or Visual and Performing Arts Course
      Microcomputer Applications

    I have completed all of the prereqs.

    The ADN program is as follows:
    • Nursing Skills I
      Intro to Professional Nursing
      Nursing Skills II
      Clinical I
      Care of the Client with Common Health Care Needs
      Clinical II
      Care of the Client with Complex Health Care Needs
      Clinical IIIA
      Clinical IIIB
      Integrated Client Care Management
      Clinical IV
      Transition to Associate Degree Nursing

    Total number of hours 71. We are not required to take the Speech or Electives, nor Math. However, we do have a Continuing Ed. class that it is highly RECOMMENDED that we take this summer called "Dosage Calculations". This is a non-credit class, but is being taught by the Health Science Dean and, as I said before, is highly RECOMMENDED that we take it.

    Hope this helps in your comparison. Good luck to you!!

  7. by   RN2Bn2003
    Blonde mommy. I bet you are enrolled in Belleville area college. I noticed the southern illinois and the hro150 nutrition class. Have you had this class yet? If you could email me and let me know. I am taking this class this summer starting June 4. I am currently enrolled in Lewis & Clark. Look forward to hearing from you.