ARGH Med Test Out

  1. I was wondering the requirements for everyone's Med Test Out?
    Our requirements are:
    Name SQ sites
    Name IM sites, with landmarks
    5 Rights of Med Administration
    3 times to check a med label
    Draw 2 injections, 1 insulin (NPH and Regular) and 1 ML of another with 0.2 ml airlock
    Administer the 2 injections to appropriate sites
    Organize and deliver pills/liquid meds for 2 different times of the day
    MAR recording
    Identify pt
    Handle equipment appropriately

    The kicker is that we have a time limit. I was just wondering what other students have for their test-out?

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  3. by   puggymae
    This looks very similar to the test I administer to students. Those are all things that you will need to be able to do flawlessly to keep the patients safe and not make any medication errors. Good luck!