Are you a FLASHER ?

  1. Not that kind of flashers Do you love flash cards?? I finally went to the sites that have been posted here before by other members. One site is incredible. I signed up for a free month, entered in some terms, and BOOM BAMM SMACK the site arranged all the information into 4 different games. :hatparty: I always make flash cards to study but I get more studying out of the making of the cards and not by rote memorization. Anyway, I have flash cards coming out my ears and I cannot bring myself to throw them away, because I have gone back to use some for review. BUT now I can enter all the information into my computer, save a tree, and be able to have a cleaner house. I love it...I'm like a kid at Christmas :hatparty:

    So fellow flashers if flash cards are taking over your life check out one of the flash card sites. You will love it.
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  3. by   kaitlynsmomma
    which site is it that you liked? I would like to look at it. Thank you!
  4. by   HyperRNRachel and the second site puts the infromation into different games.
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