Applying for nursing school

  1. 00Hello to anyone with tips and advice,
    I wanted to know how can I stand out compare to other applicants besides having good grades. Like is there any Certification I should get or work experience?
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    That varies based on each program's admission criteria. Most programs have a good amount of information online. I'd start looking there and call if you have any additional questions.
  4. by   raycn
    I just got accepted into nursing school. For the program I applied for there were 280 applicants and 125 were invited for an interview portion and 65 of those people were accepted. In order to get an interview we had to be in the top 125 for grades alone. However, if you move on to interview or essay portion I'd say the best way to stand out is to show a genuine care for others, good ethics, experience with diversity and the ability to remain levelheaded under stress. Also, use examples when asked situational questions! Good luck!