Applying for BSN, MSN, further pursuit

  1. Hi everyone, I am a soon to be an ADN graduate, still have NCLEX to take.

    I have a few questions that i need your help with. But let me tell you my info first. My grades dropped ever since Rio Hondo ADN program, my current nursing GPA is 2.65. My 90 units general ed. was 3.42

    Now my questions are:
    1. with the grades I have, how competitive will I be when applying for BSN programs?(ie. Fullerton, Chamberlain) or even MSN programs (not sure what universities offer ADN to MSN, if someone can answer)

    2. Will attending online schools (campus too), such as University of Phoenix and getting a high GPA (not saying its easily) get me into MSN programs?

    All comments/ suggestions are welcomed!!
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  3. by   vadon
    Dont do Fullerton - no chance there . I am finishing on my BA there and we had a speaker for the nursing department and we saw the stats for this year applicants. They accepted 23 people with overal GPA above 3,70. for MSN . For BSN you must be a CSUF student .
  4. by   vadon
    There is another option if you have BA and RN license.