Application essay - Any advice?

  1. what advice would you give for writing the application essay? i've had 2 counselors look over my essay, with one saying that it was one of the strongest/clearest she's read and the other saying that it was weak and "lacked oomph". any advice on what would make a good essay or what selection committees may be looking for?
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  3. by   BonnieSc
    We didn't have to write an application essay for nursing school, but I imagine the same things would work as for regular college application essays.

    1. Make sure you answer the question--all parts of it. (Some schools may not have a question.)

    2. Make sure someone reading it can understand why you want to attend that school and that program, based solely on what you've written.

    3. Make sure it expresses your personality. Your essay shouldn't be so generic that it could have been written by any of the applicants. DON'T make it crazy, but don't make it boring.

    4. Have a great opening sentence--something that captures the reader's attention because it's so interesting, but still on topic.