Any other student nurses from Australia???

  1. What a find......I was so pleased to come across this board...

    I am a 3rd year nursing student from Australia.......just wondering if any other Aussies come here..........???

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  3. by   Tookie
    Im from the north east of Victoria or alternatively south east of NSW
    in aged care and love it - this is a great place to get some thoughts on nursing - it seems too a great way to meet other aussies!!
    welcome jackee - good luck with the studies and your future
  4. by   Mary Dover
    Some of my bestest and dearest friends are Aussie nurses that I met right here on this BB.
  5. by   joeyrigor
    G'day sister!

    Just happened to see this forum by accident. I'm a sparky who's had enough of the trade and got talked into nursing by some really cool friends. I don't think I could've made a better choice.


    Brother Joey
  6. by   jackee
    Thanks for the replies!
    Hope to hear from you all soon.....