Any IUPUI nursing students?

  1. I am IN Purdue's School of Nursing right now, as a freshman, in my first semester.

    I am considering transferring to IUPUI to save money by living at home (I live 15 mins away from Indy). Also because I just don't feel like I belong at Purdue and may have chosen it simply because my whole family went there. Also because then I could work as a tech at the hospital I hope to be a nurse at someday in my hometown WHILE going to school.

    How hard would it be to transfer into the IUPUI Nursing program for Fall 2011? I was accepted into the school during my senior year AND offered a $4K/yr scholarship (I doubt I'd get that back..). Would I get just as good of an education? I LOVE the idea of doing clinicals at Riley, St. Vincent, Clarian, etc. Would it put me behind the other students?

    Any thoughts at all? Related, unrelated..I'll take anything

    Thank you!!
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