Anatomy and Physiology Review

  1. I just started nursing school in January. I'm doing pretty well so far, but I've had to review a good bit of anatomy and physiology since I took these classes about 6 years ago or so and don't remember that much. Anyway, my fundamentals teacher told us that we're going to have to review a lot of A&P over the summer in order to prepare for our med surg classes or something next semester. Do you all have any suggestions for books that cover A&P for nurses? I checked and I don't see many reviews for these kinds of books. I bought Vander's Human Physiology at the beginning of the semester since this is the book that I used when I took the class before, but this book is a little too in depth. Any suggestions?

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  3. by   skulskcc01
    A&P for Dummies.
  4. by   nurseprnRN
    the best resources for this are the anatomy coloring book and the physiology coloring book. no joke, these are real resources, available in hard copy or for download at your favorite online bookseller, and my students always found them very helpful.