advice for Canadian nursing student for summer employment

  1. I am finishing off my first year of nursing and have been searching for months for information on summer work programs and opportunities for nursing students in hospitals here in Canada. Although I have found dozens of opportunities for employment for nursing students in the states, I have found nothing at all for anything in Canada. I have tried to contact hospitals all over the country and those that responded said that they cant help me. I am really upset at the fact that all the skills I learned this year will be wasted if not forgotten over the summer due to lack of opportunities.

    If their are any canadian students out there who know of any work programs in hospitals for nursing students please let me know!!!!!!
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  3. by   KR
    Hi there,
    I was wondering what job oppurtunities you have found for nursing students in the states? Feel free to email me at

    Kimberly Rush
  4. by   JenP
    I'm a Canadian RN currently working the US,however I did complete all of my education in Candada....I hate to tell you but there are almost no jobs in Canada for newer RN 's let alone student nurses (Hospital positions anyway), I know of no hospital programs for student nurses...don't fret though because home health agencies WILL hire a student after they have completed 6 months of Nursing school and this does look great on a resume come graduation time. Call Olsten Health Services (just look in the Yellow pages under Nurses) I worked for them my entire time in Nursing School. Good Luck! Where are you from by the way?
    JenP RN