ADN with a BSN or BS in Business????

  1. I am currently applying for an ADN program and want to get a bachelor's to open the doors to many different directions. Does anyone have any suggestions that work well with nursing??? And can I advance to management with a BA in Business rather than a BSN. Thank you!!
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  3. by   MollyJ
    Living in a high population density area like you do, I would not guess that a nurse can become a middle manager without a BSN or BA but I could really be wrong. Whether they will take only BSN's, I couldn't guess. Your multiple posts seem to reflect a lot of uncertainty about your path.

    Consider doing an informative interview with a supervisory nurse and a health care agency administrator or _two_ and get their perspective. This is an interview where you contact that person and tell them you are trying to make some career decisions and you need to talk with someone in the field. These are busy folks, so don't meander your way through the interview. Briefly introducte your self, state your thoughts (I'm looking for the best way to plan my education to include clinical nursing that would progress to either supervision or administration.) and then have 5 to 7 or 10 questions you want to ask (Education, How did your background help or hinder you, What do you think will be required in the future to do your job, what does your typical day consist of, what do you particularly like about your job; what do you dislike; what qualities does this organization look for in it's up and coming supervisors/administrators etc). Take about 30 to 45 minutes of their time only.

    Since you are apparently accepted to ADN school, maybe your school would help you contact some administrators at clinical agencies they are affiliated with. Use any contacts in the field you know.

    A creative person can reach their goals through many paths and each choice will have advantages and disadvantages BUT for most of us time, money and energy are limited resources and meandering from degree to degree will deplete all of them.

    Good luck.