Accepted to Nursing School!!!

  1. Hi everyone!! I'm new here and have recently been excepted to a BSN program in South Florida.I'm sooo excited about getting in, because like most of you, I have had to work really hard to get here. Although I don't officially start until late August, my anticipation has gotten the better of me. I'm trying to read and prepare for Nursing School as much as I can right now, due to the fact that I am not presently taking any classes and only working. Hopefully this BB can offer some good advice and encouragement if(when) I get discouraged. I start Aug. 27th!!! Thanks for listening!
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  3. by   imaRN
    Welcome Focher76 !
    It is great to know people are still willing to come into our profession. Now if you can get 10 friends and they get 10 friends and so on and so on,......We can solve this nursing shortage!!!!
    Good Luck and get ready for the "ride of a lifetime" Nursing Where Truth really is: "stranger than fiction"...imaRN
  4. by   shyviolet78
    Congrats on getting accepted!!

  5. by   WendyBSN2004
    Congrats and good luck!! Wendy