Accepted for January!!! But...

  1. can't go till September for financial reasons. Waaaaaahhhh!! I knew it would be a long shot to get the stupid house sold (been on the market 11 months). Can't pay two house payments, quit my job AND pay for school. Oh well, the bright side is that I'm accepted for the Fall 2002 class.

    Other cool news is I started a new job this past Monday in the Performance Improvement department of Valley Hospital. Gonna be a great job, plus they fully support my upcoming nursing school.

    I'm taking Microbiology, the lab, and Nutrition this semester. I'm a little scared of the Micro class... but looking forward to being in school again.

    Take care!!

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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    I too was accepted for the ASN program which started on Jan. 7 and I withdrew yesterday. I am looking forward to starting clinicals in the Fall 2002 also, at a closer school.

    I registered today at a local college where I have been taking pre-reqs and general courses.

    This semester I am taking 12 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays

    1. Finite Math

    2. Dev. Psy

    3. Atheletic Injuries

    4. English Lit. I