About the nursing shortage

  1. I have been reading all of the posts about the nursing shortage and one of the inescapable conclusions that I have come to is the fact that most of the nurses complain out loud too much. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but if you want to recruit new nurses it starts right here at home.

    Every job I have ever worked has had a down side, but I found the ones that were complained about the most were the ones that had a shortage. It's just human nature to not work where there is alot of negativity.

    When a relative of mine was in the hospital I overheard several nurses complaining about a whole gammet of things from each other to administrative. Made me want to pack this relative up and take her home where I knew she would be well cared for.

    At one place I used to bartend the complaining got so bad that they couldn't find anybody to work there...consequently closing the place down. Is that what people are trying to accomplish?

    I posted something in the general nursing discussion about writing some positive things about nursing. I think this is really important if we are ever going to even start turning this around!!


    Thanks for letting me blow off some steam!!
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