A question about nursing

  1. I'm seriously considering going into nursing. I wanted to find out generally what kind of work schedule nurses have? I realize that you could work at a hospital or private office. What can I expect?
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  3. by   shyviolet78
    I'm not a nurse yet, but I know several hospital nurses and I also work for a hospital. At my hospital, you either work weekends with one weekday shift or you work weekdays. Weekend shifts are 12 hours, either 7AM to 7PM or 7PM to 7AM, and one 8 hour shift Mon-Fri of your choosing. The weekday shifts can be 3-12 hour shifts 7A-7P or 7P-7A, or 5-8 hour shifts which are 7A-3P, 3P-11P, or 11P-7A. The weekend option, you get paid for 32 hours a week, the weekday option is 40 hours; both have full time benefits. Hope this helps.