A & P nightmare

  1. I am 4 days into the A & P class and I feel like I am 3 months behind. Today I cried all the way home from school. I am so lost and confused. Anyone know of any sites that might help me get through this horrible ordeal. I have spent 6 hours today tring to fill out 1 lab paper and I am no where near done.
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  3. by   Monika
    Wow! Sorry you are having such a hard time. A&P is challenging, but give it a chance, once you get the hang of it, it can be fascinating stuff. I would suggest doing a search using the search engine Metacrawler. Just go to "www.metacrawler.com". I found great tutor pages for chemistry that way. If the lab is giving you trouble, go to your lab partners, and use them as a source for help. I always like to team up with people who are serious about the class. You should use them, and of course, your professor to find out what the most important things are to focus on while studying. Flash cards and lots of repetition are good for this type of class. There is so much information to learn, it's like a whole new language. A study strategy that seems to work is to get an overall view of the area of the body you are studying, and get that down. Chapter summaries are great for that. Secondly, break it into smaller parts. Hope this helps, hang in there and best of luck!

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  4. by   Julie, RN
    My web page has some student nursing links that might be helpful to you: http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark...rsingpage.html
    I used the A&P coloring book and index cards for studying and feel it helped me out alot!

    Good luck!
  5. by   Genista
    I know you asked about web sites for A&P, but have you tried forming a study group? I found that in supplement to my own reading & study, a small study group was a huge help(2-3 people). I spent a lot of spare time in the anatomy & physio labs quizzing w/ my classmates. In the lab, we had models & tissue samples to review. Your classmates will dream up questions you might not have thought of! It can be fun, too! Good luck.
  6. by   Genista
    Oops! I wanted to add one more suggestion: If it's "okay" w/ your instructor- try tape recording the lectures. You can listen to them in your car during commutes or review later at home.
  7. by   monica f
    A&P is a really difficult class. I tried to just get the "big" picture and did not worry as much about all the detail. Most of the test questions that you will see are going to test your knowledge over the big topics,not the tiny details. Good luck!
  8. by   Peggy8
    I know what you are going through, believe me....I am in my fifth week and five more to go....I am struggling too....with only five weeks to go we have five more systems and this is just a & p I....II is this Fall...our instructor is from India, she is a great person but her accent leaves us all wondering what was said....my stomachs in knots and I am soooo worried....I have the coloring book and it does help....I have a quiz worth 40 pts. tomorrow and I have to pass it, my last quiz I bombed....with extra credit and two other exams I think I have a B...but I can not afford to fail anymore, since this is a summer course...good luck to you and if you need to talk e mail me...and thanks to those who also replied with very good advice...Peggy8
  9. by   AngelRn
    I know what you mean I did the same thing myself this week. Looks like Its time to pound the books harder. I like to make sentances or rhymes for things, sometimes that helps.
  10. by   CEN35
    well...................I know it seems like it sucks right now. However, A&P is really important. Keep your chin up, any questions drop me an email.

    Rick RN CEN
  11. by   KarenH
    Just to give you all an update. I passed the A&P1 with a "B". It was a very intensive 9 week coarse, but I did it. I was so worried that I did not pass the final. You have to pass the final or you flunk the class. The final was 312 questions. It was over the whole coarse. Everything we had learned since day 1. Now I have 2 weeks off before I start up again.
    A&P 2 this time. The final for this class is over A&P 1&2. Thanks to all who emailed me with encouragement. Thanks also for the great web sites.
  12. by   Peggy8
    Congratulations Karen....see all the worrying and you did sooo good I too, just finished A & P I and worried just as much as you did and I came out of it with an "A" Anyways, this should be encouragement to those of you out there who are sooo worried about taking this class To Karen and anyone else who will be taking A & P II this Fall....Good Luck!

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