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  1. Can anyone tell me how the A & P class will be? I have enrolled in the summer class. It must be a popular class cause it is filled up. I have no idea what to expect. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Julie, RN
    It's been a few years since I have taken A&P. But, when I did I remember doing allot of memorizing. I took very detailed notes in class and at night made out index study cards and read through them anytime I had extra time on my hands. I also used an A&P coloring book to enhance my learning and make it a little more fun, especially when I was absolutely bored of the study cards. I also made detailed pictures/diagrams of A&P concepts in my notes. An example would be drawing the heart and the flow of blood through it. There are also allot of internet sites on A&P.
    My student nursing web page has alot of helpful sites: http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Union/1521/

    Good Luck!
    Julie M.,SN

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  4. by   Peggy8
    Hey we have something in common....I too, signed up for A & P I this summer, I start May 15th....I heard that its a lot of memorizing and in the lab you dissect in my case a cat...yuck, not looking forward to that....I agree with Julie, get a a&p coloring book, I did, this is supposed to help you remember everything, muscles, bones, etc.....if you have a good memory you will have it made...as for me I can't remember what I did a few minutes ago...no seriously I think we will do fine...Lots of luck....Peggy*
  5. by   Monika
    I am finishing A&P II this semester, it was a lot of work. I think a good idea is to make good note cards, get a hole punch and put a hole through the corner of them, and clip them with a silver ring (keyholder). You can take them with you and read them at anytime, read them over and over until you are ready to burn those cards! The other people are right, it is a lot of memory work.
    Good Luck,