A&P refresher suggestions

  1. I am currently a "wait listed" nursing student, expecting entry to clinical in Jan 2002. My problem is I had A&P over 5 years ago, before I had my family, and I'm rusty. I was wondering if I should repeat the course as a non-credit just for the refresher or should I attempt this on my own with books and computer programs. I had a "B" in A&P I and a "C" in II. Any ideas? Thanks!!
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  3. by   mustangsheba
    Were you comfortable with what you learned five years ago? You have your references. You might want to review a couple of things we use all the time such as electrolytes, vasculature, heart, endocrine, etc. Are you a self motivator or do you do better with the structure of a classroom? Would it overlap with your starting the nursing program? Congratulations by the way, and best wishes.
  4. by   essarge
    Are they accepting your A&P credit? If they do I'd ask the instructor if you could audit the course (the parts that you are not familiar with) just as a refresher. Or if you think you would do really well in the class and are interested in taking it...go ahead...would help your GPA!!

    Borrow a copy of the text they are using and possibly a syllabus from an instructor and see what is expected. That might help you decide whether you need to take it now.

    Are you practicing nursing now? That should also come into play as to whether or not you should take this course.

    Good luck in school!!! See you on the "other side" when you graduate!!