2009 ABSN SHU Lakewood Class

  1. Hello everyone!!! My name is Amanda and I got accepted into the SHU ABSN program at Georgian Court in Lakewood! I was just looking to connect with other newly accepted students of the ABSN program. So if your out there, my future classmates, let me know! I can't wait to meet you!
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  3. by   pamelacnj
    hi. i am not a classmate but i hope to be accepted in next year's class.

    wld u mind telling me abt yourself so i can determine if i have the goods to be accepted?

    i have a gpa of 3.338 from my bs in business that i rec'd from gcu many moons ago. i am signed up for ap2 and bioethics this semester and will be taking the dev. psych, organic and micro in the spring to complete my pre reqs.

    also, did you secure loans for tuition? i never took loans for my undergrad so this will be new to me.

    thx for any info you have.